The Negative Effects Of Schoolwork Stress On Students

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From putting in countless amount of hours working each day, feeling obligated to be the best student in the country, and dealing with pressure from parents and everyone else, it can all add up and severely affect students, especially at a young age. All of those issues can result in health concerns, such as sleep deprivation and stress. Many students are undoubtedly stressed. The system is taking a toll on young South Koreans: 86 percent of high school students said they are stressed because of school, and 72.8 percent said they feel guilty if they take a break (Shim, “86 percent of South Korean students suffer from schoolwork stress”). From the alarming statistic, students are evidently dealing with a lot of stress because of school. When students are not studying, they feel guilty otherwise. Furthermore, the stress and pressure can negatively affect the student’s actions and mental state. An incident occurred with the murder of a mom that was killed by her own son named Ji, who kept her body hidden for eight months before it was discovered, because of the pressure and abuse he endured for a long time. He would fabricate his grade reports because his mom wanted him to enter a top university and be ranked first in nationwide exams. Ji was already in the top one percent, but that was not enough- he had to be ranked first. When he obtained lower scores than her expectations, she did not give him food and forced him to stay awake at night to study. On the day before the crime,

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