The Negative Effects Of Smoking On The Environment

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Smokers possess the tendency to kill more people per year than guns. However, this does not only include smokers, as second hand smoke also enhances the tendency of negativity on this planet. Smokers negatively affect the environment through numerous ways and they cause irreparable damage to the entire ecosystem, water pollution, land, air, etc. Different facts clearly depict that how smoking creates a long lasting negative impact on this planet. The tobacco industry sacrifices around 600 million trees every year to fulfill the rising trends of smokers. Excessive amount of carbon dioxide production takes place because of excessive cigarette smoking. The United States contributes 16 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in a single year (Tobacco Free Life ). Managing the tobacco industry in an effective manner would reduce the flow of carbon dioxide that would create a proactive impact on the environment.
The Cultivation of tobacco also negatively creates an impact on the environment. The cultivation of tobacco results in a negative effect on the land, deforestation, and world hunger. In certain third world countries, governments emphasize mainly on tobacco cultivation and these results in limiting the land allocated for edible food farming (Tobacco Free Life ). Different private organizations also earn effectively through the platform because of which they opt for tobacco cultivation.
The resilient nature of this crop makes it extremely vulnerable to different diseases and pests. The utilization of extra pesticides affects the crops and the land. Nicotine is widely used as a natural pesticide and these pesticides possess the tendency to malign the water and soil. Some of the commonly used pesticides in the tobacco industry are Imidacloprid, chlorpyrifos, 1,3- Dicloropropene, etc (Tobacco Free Life ).
Tobacco not only contributes towards water pollution, but it also results in different negative aspects including air contamination, dangers to wildlife, smoking-related fires, etc. Cigarette butts are toxic for different animals and these animals suffered from various issues when they intake these cigarette butts. Smoking also causes wildfires and they negatively affect different habitants that cost millions
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