The Negative Effects Of Social Justice

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Mary Wollstonecraft, famous activist for women’s rights in the late seventeen hundreds declares, “It is Justice not charity that is wanting in the world.” The difference between justice and charity can shape the way Americans live and think. For instance, charity is appeasing the effects of injustice, while justice roots out the problem and hopefully demolishes it. However, today in America people scream the word “discrimination” or “White privilege” believing that it is the answer to all their problems. They scream for social justice that was supposedly never given to them. They say these terms blaming others for their problems instead of looking at themselves. The need for reparation for the past feeds their desire for social justice and equality in everything. The new Social Justice movement has harmful effects on America because it divides society, focuses on improbable equality, and pushes one down to bring others up. White privilege, the concept of being at advantage due to skin color has been the bases for arguments on improbable equal opportunities in the fight for social justice. According to Su L. Boatright-Horowitz, author of "Difficult Times for College Students of Color: Teaching White Students about White Privilege Provides Hope for Change," white privilege is real and growing in colleges in America causing white students to be ahead of the game. Nevertheless, this belief is one-sided. Where is the white privilege to those white families that are
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