The Negative Effects Of Social Media And Its Effects On Society

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In our modern day, 21st century social media has become integrated into the daily lives of many adults and teenagers. It is a phenomenon that has revolutionized the way we speak, think, and share information. Despite the bad rap that social media often is accused of, there are some definite benefits to it. One example would be that social media allows us and loves ones to keep in touch. Resulting in the development of strong and steady relationships between the people we know in real life and those we meet online. In my conducted research, I hypothesized that people who have a stronger social media presence or use it more often tend to have stronger friendships online and in real life. I originally chose a broad topic like social media due to genuine curiosity about the effect of its looming shadow over our lives. Throughout my research, I would notice that most articles/resources would shed a negative light on social media and almost always teenagers were associated with them. It makes sense because we are millennials, born right into the technologically advanced world with little to none knowledge about the ancient methods of communication. However, I and many others before me theorize that social media can affect relationships negatively and positively. According to the Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review, “With self-disclosure facilitating relationship closeness, this theory also posits that online communications lead to closer, higher quality friendships among
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