The Negative Effects Of Social Media Interaction

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Merriam-Webster defines communication as, “a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior,” (Merriam-Webster). In an age where tablets, ipads, laptops, and smartphones are an essential part of our everyday lives it is hard to say that they are making anything, but a positive impact on children, or teenagers. Trying to disconnect from social media or technology in general has become very difficult, for the reason that it has completely taken over. Although many people believe that the technological era is making a positive impact on everyday lives, there are others who believe that technology has held back human interaction by hurting “real relationships”, playing a hand in creating people who are more antisocial, and lessening the value of face to face interactions. Face to face contact was once the social norm, but since the rise of technology era has taken over it has diminished the need for physical vocal interaction. According to a recent study in Open Science, “Friendships, in particular, have a natural decay rate in the absence of contact, and social media may well function to slow down the rate of decay. However, that alone may not be sufficient to prevent friendships eventually dying naturally if they are not occasionally reinforced by face-to-face interaction” (Open Science). Texting, calling will not amount to the value of face-to-face interaction which has been proven to be key in keeping
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