The Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are just a few examples of social media that our society revolves around. From hate posts to videos of dogs eating ice cream you can find pretty much anything you want with a touch of a button. Everyone has their different opinions and it is much easier to share those through that little thing you cling onto as if it somehow protects you. We have adapted to being able to type whatever we want and post it for everyone to see instead of confronting the problem face to face. Social media provides a mostly negative effect on not only our generations but past and future generations as well. There could be the best thing for America today and you will find someone who disagrees and changes that into a bad thing that should have never been introduced, self esteem is determined by how many likes you got on your last post and lastly, these poor kids can’t have their own thought process they have to go along with the “status quote.” Here is a scenario, you open up twitter and you see a statue that shaped american history is being taken down due to the fact that others were “offended” by the concrete shape that honors ones who have fallen. You proceed to think of how many reasons this is wrong, not only for the community that has looked up to the statue for years or if you plainly visualize that as morally wrong. You proceed to look at your timeline scrolling through and you see a comment that states, “The statue of Robert E. Lee deserved to
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