The Negative Effects Of Teaching Literacy In Education

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Throughout Michigan, the way high schools teach literacy does not prepare you for after high school. They do not prepare you enough for the next grade. According to U.S. Department of Health and Human Service, about half of the jobless people from age sixteen to twenty-one are not able to get a decent job from not be functional literate (Reading). I think one of the big problems is many of the teachers just give you the basic for the assignments and tell you to go at it. They do not connect what they are teaching to beyond the classroom. There are so many ways to teach classes, but each class should not be taught the same way. Having a teacher that teaches multiple subjects can affect the student's literacy. It can have a very negative effect on the students. The teachers could have a degree in that subject, but that doesn’t mean they are excellent teachers. Many schools are lowering their standards for teachers, which does not help the future of the students. “It is little wonder that in comparison with the rest of the developed world, our standards are slipping. It takes more than a good degree to make a good teacher.” (Lovely), The teacher is not very enthusiastic about the subject, which affects how they teach. How these teachers teach make a impacted on how these students understand literacy. Students will start not caring about it, because whenever they need help or ask questions, the teacher will focus on other kids. To fix the problem, teachers need to teach more
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