The Negative Effects Of Technology And Technology

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Do you think Bill Gates or Steve Jobs ever envisioned that their technological advances would actually have negative consequences? Most phones and devices used in society today come from the ideas that these two men had. What Jobs and Gates didn’t realize is that there are negative effects stemming from overuse of these devices and people need to be aware of them. Even though our state of the art, handheld computer/phone devices have made everyone’s lives remarkably easier, using too much of any one thing is a recipe for disaster. This is true for technology as well. The impact of round the clock use of these devices and technology in our everyday lives can be harmful to our emotional, physical, and mental health, but there are ways to minimize the harmful effects that our devices and technology are having on us. Spending quality time with yourself and disconnecting from technology is important for an emotionally healthy and developing mind. Only recently has there been a concern regarding emotional health while using devices such as phones, computers, tablets, etc. Victoria Allen stated, “Technology is stunting children's emotional growth, experts have warned, leaving them unable to make friends and socialize”(Daily Mail). If the children of today keep getting involved with technology at younger and younger ages and reduce the time they spend going out and making friends, the adults of tomorrow will be a group of emotionally unstable, unsafe, and antisocial people. This is not a good outcome for any society. Emotional health is one of those things that can make or break a person forever, because if someone has a poorly developed emotional start as a child, they may never become healthy and emotionally stable in the future. They won’t have the emotional skills to mature into a fully functional, healthy, contributing member of society. It is clear that technology in the hands of children is not always beneficial. Having that ability to always send or receive a response is not a good thing for many people, but especially children. In Sherry Turkle’s writing,“Growing Up Tethered”, she states “The text-driven world of rapid response does not make self-reflection impossible but does little to cultivate it”
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