The Negative Effects Of Technology

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Technology has impacted and influenced how people function and devote their time immensely. With the creation of smartphones, computers, and social networks, people have adopted them into their lives and use them daily, which creates a dependence on these devices. An immoderate dependence upon technology is a state that humanity has come to in today’s age that permits people to believe that they essentially cannot function without it. The fear of not having one’s cellphone or being in a position where one’s cellphone cannot be used, whether it be because of a dead battery or having no signal, is known as nomophobia. This irrational phobia can be described as a cell phone separation anxiety. Even though technology is revolutionary, technology is addictive and has adverse effects on people’s lives when used excessively. Excessively using technology affects the brain, which deprives people from having the energy to complete everyday tasks. For instance, constantly using devices such as smartphones affects sleep patterns, thus provoking fatigue to overpower the body. In the BBC article “Are We Addicted to Technology?” emphasizing screen time addiction, Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan explains, “‘They [patients] go to bed but can't sleep, or fall asleep exhausted and wake up tired’” (Kleinman). Ramlakhan’s observations comprise of her patients having difficulties sleeping at night due to their constant time spent in front of screens (Kleinman). In addition, Adam Alter, an associate

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