The Negative Effects Of Technology On Society

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In recent discussions of technology in general, a controversial issue whether the social media provide a net good for the society, has raised wide concern. That is due to the fact the technology has developed so fast and affected our society in various aspects, such as the way of communication and self-assessment. On the one hand, some argue that technology makes our life easier and more convenient. That is definitely true. For example, we can learn what just happened in the world immediately at any time and any place via the Internet. From this perspective, technology is good for the society because it helps us get can get closer to the world. On the other hand, however, others argue that technology is influencing people negatively. There…show more content…
It will be a hard time for people to miss someone; however, the video linkup, which is a kind a modern technology, makes these people not in pain any more. In terms of the new way of learning the world, the technology makes contribution to it. It is very easy for people to know the world now. For instance, the Las Vegas Shooting happened at around ten p.m. on October 1st. When I browsed the news at about 10.30 p.m. that night, the news about the shooting had already shown. Even people who were in other countries also knew this news immediately. If such technology had not been invented, people in the world would not have known the news. Additionally, we can know the weathers of next week easily via technology, which can help us decide what kinds of clothes we should wear based the predicted temperatures. Though I concede that technology makes our lives easier and convenient, I still maintain that it also affects people negatively if they use it inappropriately. Technology addiction is one of the examples of these negative influences. In the article “Technology Addition in Adolescents,” Agarwal and Kar provide a vocabulary “technology addiction,” which is defined as “an habitual and compulsive way of indulgence with technology deviating from meeting the life’s different issues” (Agarwal and Kar). That is to say, people, who are addicted to technology, cannot live without it. It is similar to alcohol addiction that
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