The Negative Effects Of Teen Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy affects the entire family, not only does it cause emotional distress to the teen, but also the teens parents. Along with this, many teens rely on the state through food stamps, medical care, and financial aid to help raise their child. Family members watch the young mother struggle to make ends meet and often have to step in and help raise the child. Teen moms often have no support from the father or the fathers family and must raise the child entirely on their own. Teen pregnancy statistics in the U.S. and other countries still show that teen pregnancy is an ongoing epidemic. According to the Center for Disease Control or the CDC website teen pregnancy and birth rates have been steadily decreasing since
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Teen pregnancy has several health risks to the teen mother and unborn child. Often times teen moms are scared to seek proper and prompt medical attention. Several complications have been reported, such as higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases, hypertension, anemia, pregnancy induced hypertension and low maternal weight gain. There is also an increased risk of low birth weight and premature labor and delivery. According to teenage pregnancy and its obstetric outcome "Knowing the burden of pregnancy, teenagers will go a long way in advocacy and devising appropriate intervention measures" (Rao, Ramya, Batchu & Reddy, 2017). Pregnant teens need to receive proper education and health care regarding complications that can arise during pregnancy, proper nutrition, infections, and the importance of refraining from drugs and alcohol. The biggest factor for a healthily mom and baby is receiving proper medical attention very early in the pregnancy. Babies born to teen mothers and are of low birth rate or were delivered early have a much higher chance of health problems. Babies born to teen mothers who did not receive the proper nutrition or were abusing drugs or alcohol also are at risk for long term medical complications and substance abuse withdrawal at delivery (Rao, Ramya, Batchu & Reddy, 2017). Children
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