The Negative Effects Of The Internet Has Changed The Family

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Julia artino
English 10
November 1
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The Internet has changed our lives in ways many of the people out there are not even fully aware of. One of these things is related to the fact that even though the Internet provides us with the fastest ways to communicate with people living abroad. At the same time though, the Internet has affected the way in which families communicate with each other as well.
Many people who struggle with Internet and social media addiction experience depression and anxiety. These mental health problems can have negative impacts on family members. When depression and anxiety are not properly treated, addicts and family members can struggle to maintain a positive, healthy relationship with their families.
Usage of social media has become the part of our everyday life. Social media has become the necessary and unavoidable part of our routine. We use internet, websites, social networks, television and other means of social media everyday very frequently. The social media is designed in a way that it attracts and draws our attention immediately towards itself. We are mesmerized by social media. Our daily life activities are linked with social media’s effects.
Social media has affected many families in many different ways. For example if a child was to get in trouble then the main thing they get taken away from them is there phones and social media and that causes the child to be upset and argue with their parents which end up causing a fight.
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