The Negative Effects Of The Stereotypical Portrayal Of Women In Digital Media?

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In the recent past, digital media has demonstrated that it is a powerful vehicle for bringing the issue of women’s right to the attention of the general public. Apart from delivering information on gender issues, digital media platforms are essential in organizing and implementing the actions that push policy makers to formulate the policies needed to address gender inequality (Dixon et al. 2014). Unfortunately, digital media also has the potential to spread adverse information that threatens the progress made in protecting the rights of women and gender equality. The negative effects of digital media on gender equality are discussed by Narayana and Ahamad (2016), where the highlights include that the negative portrayal of women in digital media platforms indicates the lack of gender sensitivity. The review of the negative effects of digital media on the realization of gender equality will cover the effects of the stereotypical portrayal of women, the stereotyping of male and female relationships, and the normalization of violence against women (Livingstone & Helsper 2007).
The Creation and Reinforcement of the Stereotypical Portrayal of Women Digital media continues to present men and women based on traditional stereotypes and that limits the society’s perception of the possibilities available to women. Typically, men are presented as adventurous, sexually aggressive, and powerful, as well as less concerned with family issues and human relationships (DeKeseredy & Schwartz
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