The Negative Effects Of Tragedy InLong Live The King?

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The loss of a sibling, the sudden affliction of disease upon a parent, or the elimination of a family's main source of income will have a dramatic affect on each family member. Tragedies will always have some sort of negative impact on family members, be it financial problems, depression, or stress. Even though family tragedies are sure to result in some form of negative effect, it can also be beneficial as well. Within the passage Long Live the King, the author proves this point by giving example of how a tragedy within his life has had effects that are not negative, specifically the transition of power, discovery of one's self-identity, and acceleration of maturity. The author of Long Live the King communicates the effect that tragedy has had on him through the change of certain titles to show a discovery of identity, extended metaphors to show how there has been a transition of power within the family, and change in syntax to demonstrate the how the author has matured. One of the effects that tragedy had on the author and his family was a discovery of identity. This can be seen within the first two paragraphs of Love Live the King, where we are introduced to, ignoring the narrator, three different characters: the "Princess", the "Queen", and the "King". These are not actual names of the characters as they are later revealed to be the narrator's "mother", "sister", and "father". By describing his mother and his sister in terms of how their relation to the "King", he establishes a lack of identity with them. A Queen is simply the wife of the King, and the Princess is merely the daughter. They have no identity, no personality, no title apart from their relation to their King. However, after the start of the "King's" aliment, the author no longer refers to his mother and sister as merely a relative of the King, but as their own individual identity. By dissociating them with the "King", the author is able to show how the tragedy that affect his life has given his family the opportunity to find their own identity that is separate from their "King". Another effect outlined by the author in this piece is the rapid maturity that was experienced due to the tragic events that was experienced by the author. From

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