The Negative Effects Of Video Games

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Since the modern electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, and consoles are developed and improved, video games have been enhanced together with the latest technology. Now, video games have become one of the most iconic hobbies and free time activities for teenagers from simple smartphone games to high-graphic console or pc games. However, some people tend to claim that video games are harmful to teenagers and cause them behave violent and aggressive. Also, some opinionated radicals state that video games are related to youth violence. While some people think that video games have negative effects on teenagers’ behaviors, video games have no link with youth violence, but, in fact, have positive effects on prosocial behaviors,…show more content…
For example, more than ninety percent of video games including violent shooting games and battle games require team plays. Also, playing video games can help teenagers developing communicating skills since players need to communicate with his or her teammates during the match at all time to win the game. Furthermore, one study released in 2013 in PLOS ONE said that three experiments have failed to find harmful effects of a violent video game on teenagers’ prosocial behaviors. In addition, video games can help children to develop problem-solving skills. As claimed by a long-term study done in 2013, adolescents who played strategic or role-playing video games showed improvements in grades in the following school year.
Lastly, video games can help teenagers who are stressed out from the burden of school works and relationships with their friends to relieve stress in the virtual world. By playing video games, students can release their anger and stress in the virtual world that they will show less aggression in the real world. Dr. Christopher J. Ferguson, a professor from Texas A & M International University, found out from a study that young males and females who play violent video games are better at handling long-term stress than non-playing young adults. The result of the study showed that playing violent video games reduces anxiety, hostility, and depression. Also, the

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