The Negative Effects Of Video Games

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention used a video game to study how a disease could spread and how people would react. In addition, doctors who play video games have better results in surgery. Video games can be beneficial in many different ways that is usually not considered. With moderate use, video games can even be beneficial to one’s health. It is something that a wide age range group of people can enjoy and benefit from its use. There are also many different genres to satisfy different types of enjoyment. Scientists have conducted many studies about video games to determine whether or not they are healthy. Video games have their positives and negatives similar to most things. Gaming can help with mental problems, recovery of injuries, and help with being physically active. Many associate video gaming with laziness, obesity, and being unhealthy. In the book “Violent Video Game Effects on Children and Adolescents: Theory, Research, and Public Policy” by Craig A Anderson, it is mentioned that developmental scientists have worried about the effects of video games on one’s mind for decades (8). In those decades, it can be assumed that scientists have conducted several studies about the effects. There are cases where the kids become addicted to games in their early ages. In those cases, some of the kids use video games as an escape from their reality. It is similar to how some people tend to turn to alcohol for an escape. When things such as video games and

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