The Negative Effects Of Violence In Video Games

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Since the beginning of the video game industry, violence has been a huge factor in the entertainment aspect. Even the more subtle, friendly games like Super Mario Bros. are full of underlying violence such as having to kill small and sometimes large creatures to advance the game. The most popular games among children and teens today happen to be the more gory, dark, and killing heavy games. These games almost always have very toxic communities full of people who love to scream at other players for not getting their way. With today’s advancement of technology, video games are reaching an all-time high of realism that has become rather risky and questionable to some. All of this brings up the one of the most talked about topics among today’s…show more content…
This is the first study that explores this idea, however. It does seem that playing video games may help reduce stress and make people less depressed and hostile.” Ferguson says.
Video games are not any more harmful to you than everyday media and television, which children are exposed to just as much as video games, if not more. A kid can stare at a television screen or phone for hours on end, mindlessly absorbing useless information and watching cartoons that have just as much violence as an average video game does. So why do some parents feel that gaming happens to be so much worse than simply watching a television show? Unlike watching television, games require stimulation, movement, and conscious decision making, which does nothing but help to nullify anger. “Violent video games allow players to release their stress and anger into the game, leading to less real world aggression…studies have shown that video games can have a positive effect on kindness, civic engagement, and ‘prosocial’ behaviors.” Christopher J. Ferguson and Adolfo Garza have to say.
The concept that the violence is aimed towards a computer simulation other than someone or something in real-life is what makes all the big difference. Players understand that they are playing a game, and thus can differentiate a game from the real world. Imagination and fantasy is a fundamental part of creative thinking in childhood development as well as providing a way for children to deal
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