The Negative Effects On College Students

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The cost of college tuition is getting higher than ever, while the value of a “four-year degree” has never been so significant. College has never been seen as an affordable expense, but the fact that tuition rates get higher and higher is nothing less than an issue. This topic has been in the mainstream for years. Why isn’t the problem of steady rising education costs fixed by now? Maybe the fact that no one has, is the reason this topic seems to be trending more and more every year. The rising cost of tuition negatively impacts college students because of financial stress, effects on future generations, and families seeing college as an impossible trip. But why would thousands of young adults be willing to put themselves in a situation where they are in years worth of debt? Maybe because in today’s world, not having a college degree can hinder one’s career path. Why else would so many people voluntarily take on all of that? For a while, college education was not as important, but with the decline in job openings, and more people in need of jobs, the value of higher education went up drastically. According to US News, college degree holders working full time earn $17,500, opposed to those with high school diplomas only in 2013. By 2015, graduates from college were making roughly 51% more than high school grads. (Danielle Kurtzleben, And to this day, these numbers continue to grow. Most children were brought up with parents who said without a college degree, they
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