Essay on The Negative Effects of Affirmative Action on Education

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Imagine going through your school years working hard academically in hopes of going to a respectable college and broadening your horizons. Unfortunately, many students in America strive to reach this goal only to be rejected because the university had to meet a racial quota. Every year in America many students are turned down from colleges because the University was required to select a set amount of minorities before them thanks to something knows as affirmative action. On the other hand, you may be a minority who simply can’t earn the feeling of equality because of educational and employed handicaps. Affirmative action in our education system it an unjust practice that we can do without if we can learn to live in a color-blind society.…show more content…
This is not equal protection for these students. Some of these young adults may decide from their high school freshman years that they have a dream to push themselves and attend the college of their dreams and when this is taken away, most people feel cheated that all their hard work has just gone to waste. For some, it might even be enough to shatter their hopes and discourage them from perusing their education further or even just moving on. Having to select a number of minorities in an educational situation is just not fair to everyone. Our country is one that values and rewards hard work whether it be putting on your best to secure a job, or putting many years of work and experience into being accepted to the college you desire. If everyone wants to be treated as equals in this country then we must make these people work as equals. Nothing in this country is free without working for it and your education is not something that should be handed to you without previous dedication. You can not encourage students to go foreword in school and do the best they can only to reject them later because you gave their chance away to someone simply because they are a minority. When you work hard and are rewarded it means so much more that having it handed to you. In addition to looking at the negative outcome of non-minority students, we must also look at the effect affirmative action can have on the minorities

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