The Negative Effects of Extending School Days

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Many schools in America today are considering in having a longer schedule. However, having a longer schedule has more negatives than positives. Most parents already have a customized schedule that works with the traditional school schedule. Altering schools’ terms can affect the parents’ optimized day-by-day routines. Parents would have to make major changes to their work schedules. Vacations are shortened resulting in shorter family bonding time. High school students would have conflicts with summer jobs. They will not have to whole summer off and could only work in short breaks during the school year. In order for some schools to change their schedules, school bus transportation and other costs need to be considered. Student…show more content…
Borden School, commented that it was tough adapting to the new schedule (1). Children are already accustomed to the traditional schedule and most children achieve well in school. Trying to get accustomed to another schedule will be hard for students and their achievement level may decrease as a result of their exhaustion. There will be costs to extending school time. Specifically, bus transportation adjustments, school maintenance, and upgrading school equipment. Elena Silva, a senior policy analyst at Education Sector, accurately claims that the cost of a school time extension makes the initiative a hard sell. It will be quite costly to increase the amount of hours and days spent in school. An estimated six to seven percent inflation will be needed just for a ten percent time increase. A recent initiative, entitled the Massachusetts plan, stretched school years by at least 30 percent and for the increase to occur, the plan called for an extra 20 percent in base funding, which equaled approximately $1,300 extra for each enrolled student. To calculate costs, school maintenance, additional course materials, school staffing and the modification of school buildings are all things considered. Minnesota school administrators made a proposal to make their school year 200 days long. The administrators then found the proposal to be absurd when it was found out that the estimated cost would be $750 million dollars (4). Increasing school staff is a major
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