The Negative Effects of Marijuana

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Marijuana has the reputation of giving users a high when smoked, eaten, or inhaled through vaporization. The chemical that causes the feeling of euphoria is called Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). When smoked or ingested, the THC rapidly passes through your lungs or stomach, then your bloodstream, and to other organs in your body. When it finally reaches your brain, the THC targets specific brain cells called cannabinoid receptors (Harding, 2013). These receptors are especially found in parts of your brain that control your memory, thinking, pleasure, concentration, perception of time, and coordinated movement. Users will experience alterations with their mood, have difficulty with problem solving, and will definitely have trouble…show more content…
Sativex treats patients that suffer from Sclerosis in the form of a mouth spray. Other prescription drugs based on marijuana include: Nabilone, Dexanabinol, CT-3, Cannabinor, HU 308, HU 331, Rimonabant, and Taranabant ("Medical marijuana for,"). Today, there are twenty states that have legalized the medicinal use of marijuana. California was the first to legalize medical marijuana back in 1996. Then the next states to legalize are as follows: Alaska (1998), Oregon (1998), Washington (1998), Maine (1999), Hawaii (2000), Colorado (2000), Nevada (2000), Montana (2004), Vermont (2004), Rhode Island (2006), New Mexico (2007), Michigan (2008), New Jersey (2010), DC (2010), Arizona (2010), Delaware (2011), Connecticut (2012), Massachusetts (2012), New Hampshire (2013) and lastly the state of Illinois (2013) ("20 legal medical," 2014). Each of these states had different ways of getting the legalization of medical marijuana. Varying by states, there are also many differences of how much the possession limit is and how much the fee is. Medicinal marijuana got passed by a variety of ways like: ballot measures, propositions, senate bills, house bills, ballot questions, and even initiatives ("20 legal medical," 2014). These states hold strict rules on how citizens can register for usage. They also have a list of illnesses that patients may have in order to apply for registration. In fact, there are still a few more states that have pending
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