The Negative Effects of Media on Sports in Usa

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The Negative Effects of Media on Sports
I. Media and Sports Introduction A. John Wooden Quote B. The tendencies of the media THESIS: The media must take significant strides towards reforming the way they portray sports to change the current system of altering the ideals of athletes and diminishing the prestige of modern sports. II. History of media in sports
III. Publication of shameful actions A. Celebrations B. Commercials C. XFL
IV. Multimedia A. Cable Networks B. League and team-owned channels C. Video Games D. Fantasy sports
V. College and amateur athletics A. Teenage phenoms B. False views of success C. Antitrust Law D. BCS bowls
VI. Sex and media A.
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During the transition into the new millennium, a number of factors including new technology, sports personalities, and originality of new fans, led to the media destruction of modern sports. The media changed professional and amateur athletics into businesses rather than into moralistic entertainment while disgracefully exploiting higher education and individuals in the sporting world. The press has also produced a new set of ideals and attitudes in the fans and players of popular sports (Torr 49).What began in the transition to the new millennium is now an ever-occurring phenomenon that plagues the wide world of sports. While it is true that the media occasionally broadcasts stories of unlikely successes and cordial charity, it consistently publicizes the most shameful and less copious actions of certain athletes and leagues. One of the most prolific examples derives from the National Football League, which has a substantial problem with regulating touchdown celebrations and dances. Rather than help control the problem, the media feels the need to emphasize the celebrations more so than the actual plays. Athletes have engaged in line dances, dice rolling, fake photo shoots, air guitar playing, and many other imprudent dances and actions. The most notable occasions (thanks to the media) include: Joe Horn removing a cell phone from the
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