The Negative Effects of Oil Spills Have on Nigeria, A letter

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I am writing this letter to inform you about the negative effects in Nigeria oil spills have on its people and the environment around them. Oil spills pollute the water, killing animals and plant life that inhabit the area around the spill. It is important that this problem is to be looked at and solved. Nigeria's Niger Delta is one of the most oil-polluted places on the planet with more than 6,800 recorded oil spills. Millions of barrels of oil were spilled into the Niger Delta.. Some people inhabit the land around it. The water is there main resource to use. They use it for irrigation, drinking, and bathing. They use the water for their everyday needs. The water is too polluted for them to drink anymore and they can’t use the water for irrigation because it is killing all of their crops. Multiple people have suffered from illnesses from drinking the oil polluted water. Cleanups don’t “clean” the land very well even though they are supposed to clean deep into the ground. A percent of Nigerian mangrove ecosystems have been destroyed out by oil. The known effects of oil on mangroves are making the soil into acid, stop cellular respiration, and they do not let the roots get oxygen. The loss of mangrove forests does not only decrease the life of plants and animals. They also affect humans. The indigenous people living in the affected areas highly value these systems. The local people by the mangrove forest use the wood as a major…
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