The Negative Effects of Smoking

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Smoking is a life-threatening addiction that has brought this tragedy to millions of families at an accelerated pace and not all have been those who do smoke. No one wants to have to deal with tragedy, but nowadays there may be no way to avoid it. Unless, that is, our government intervenes, and puts something into place to end the threat of Secondhand Smoke exposure. I believe the one thing that can be done to avoid this exposure, leading to the unwanted tragedy, is a nationwide public smoking ban. Everyone says that Smoking or not is your choice. While that is true, the effects that come of it are not. When a person smokes everyone around them is exposed. Smokers may be okay with taking a chance of dying over it, but are others willing to allow their Husband, wife, son, Daughter, or other family members to die over it as well?
Smoking poses threats to others, especially smoking in a public place. According to MedlinePlus, a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, if each state puts a smoking ban in public places, they estimate that there would be 18,000 fewer heart attacks in one year in the United States. People who smoke potentially know their fate. Why is it we as the public should let those smokers can give the same fate to those who do not smoke? Smokers answer to this is, “Okay, it is dangerous, but I don’t want to have to walk a mile to smoke a cigarette”, but…
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