The Negative Effects of Social Networking on Teenagers

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The popularity of social networking increased rapidly during the past few years, and it has become part of everyone life in our society. Social Networking can define as an online site that focuses on creating the relationships among people who share interests, activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections (Boyd & Ellison, 2008). The popular social networking sites, for instance, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are used excessively in teenagers’ society. It is a new socialization for them. It is true that the social network is a decent method to communicate with friends. However, social networking has negative effects on teenagers in regard to their academic outcomes, their socialization, and their behavior. First of all, overusing social networking in adolescences has direct impact on academic outcomes. Nowadays, social networking has turn into norm for teenagers. Some teens think that it is necessary to participate in all or some social networking sites in order to maintain relationship with their friends or be a part of teen’s society. If someone was not participating in any social networking sites, that person could feel rejected or social ostracized (Bloxham, 2010). Therefore, many teens have addicted to social networking, and always play it even they are studying. They cannot concentrate on their study and it affects on their grades. It shows that social networking has distracted students’ attention of learning. In the study of psychology of technology by Larry Rosen
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