The Negative Effects of Teenage Dating

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The Negative Effects of Teenage Dating
Sean D. Foster
Bellevue University

The biggest threat about teenage dating is their inability to maintain a relationship. Teenagers mostly, do not understand the necessity of sustaining a relationship over a period of time. Therefore, frequent break ups and arguments lead to attempts of suicide, teenage pregnancy, STD’s, teen violence, and substance abuse. This happens due to lack of experience and a broader understanding of what relationships are (Dasgupta, 2011).
The problems of teen dating involving violence, sex, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide are primarily caused by stressful life events, peer influence, and failure of parents to take their children away from harmful activities.
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Healthy relationship behaviors can have a positive effect on teen’s emotional development. Unhealthy, abusive or violent relationships can cause short term and long term negative effects, or consequences to the developing teen. Victims of teen dating violence are more likely to do poorly in school, and report binge drinking, suicide attempts, and physical fighting. Victims may also carry the patterns of violence into future relationships (Violence prevention, 2011).
Teen suicide after date violence or assault:
Elyse Olshen, M. D. of Columbia University Medical Center, New York, and other colleagues analyzed self-administered, anonymous questionnaires completed by 8, 080 students (age 14-18) from 87 New York City public high schools in 2010. The survey measured teen dating violence. 10.6 percent of the girls and 9.5 percent of the boys reported that they had experienced dating violence and 11.7 percent of adolescent girls and 7.2 percent of adolescent boys reported that they had attempted suicide one or more times (Nauert, 2010).
Teen dating, Sex, and STD’s:
The majority of teenagers who date in the United States have had sexual intercourse by the time they finish high school. Data from a nationwide survey of high school students show that more than one-third of teenagers who date have had intercourse by the ninth grade and nearly two-thirds by the twelfth grade. Rates of engaging in oral sex are much higher than for sexual intercourse, with 20 to 30% of
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