The Negative Effects of Walmart Essay

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“Up Against Wal-Mart” by Karen Olsson, a senior editor at Texas Monthly and who’s article appeared in Mother Jones, introduces her article through the perspective of a Wal-Mart worker. She focuses on the negatives of Wal-Mart by telling the real life struggles of different Wal-Mart employees. “Progressive Wal-Mart. Really.” by Sebastian Mallaby, a columnist for the Washington Post, focuses his article on what Wal-Mart critics say and attempts to defend Wal-Mart by comparing Wal-Mart to other retailers. Even though Karen Olsson and Sebastian Mallaby both examine the negative effects of Wal-Mart, Olsson berates Wal-Mart’s unfair treatment towards employees and the unlivable wages that the world’s largest retailer provides while Mallaby …show more content…
Mallaby’s stance in the article begins with sarcasm and a very distinctive attitude. He makes comments such as “well, yeah” and “hello?” (Mallaby 620). He also provides extensive use of exclamation points and question marks that is intended to give off a mocking notion and make the Wal-Mart critics appear dim-witted. Mallaby then continues into the article, pointing out the flaws of Wal-Mart that critics enjoy harassing. However, with each example Mallaby gives, he provides a justification to the stance. For example, he agrees that Wal-Mart workers are paid dramatically less. However, “Wal-Mart’s ‘everyday low prices’ make the biggest difference to the poor” (Mallaby 621). By providing this information, he helps the reader infer that retailers need to make decisions between supplying cheaper items and providing their employees with exceptional wages. When comparing both articles, Olsson’s style of writing in her article did a better job of connecting with her audience because of the personalization in her editorial. However, Mallaby’s article had statistical evidence that made his article succeed in showing his readers that Wal-Mart is not as bad as some critics make it.
While both authors have alternative writing styles, they both discuss the employee treatment. Both authors agree that the employee treatment is not satisfactory. However, Karen Olsson’s article goes into detail about
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