The Negative Effects of the Entertainment Industry

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Is entertainment destroying or benefiting modern society? There is no doubt that entertainment is the main source of amusement for many today. It is used in almost every common man’s daily life, from watching TV to listening to the news. However, entertainment has unfortunately become deeply saturated in people’s lives, to the point where it is no longer healthy or beneficial. The utilization of entertainment has become an addiction, thus giving it the capability to annihilate society. From the adult industry to television shows, one conclusion is inescapable” entertainment is, indeed, a dangerous tool. The adult-entertainment industry erupted in the late twentieth century and has expanded recently due to improved technology. Millions of men and women alike watch these films and arrive to the conception that what is portrayed on the screen is how a relationship should be. In a recent article in the New York Times, it was reported that 80% of men and 50% of women feel that their sex life is lacking due to pornography, and 40% of the people within the same poll have broken up with their spouse or partner due to the “lack” of love life. Clearly, the adult entertainment gives both genders a false conception of how a relationship and sex life should be. Pornography portrays sex as overly exciting and thrilling, which can lead to dissatisfaction with one’s partner. Such a situation can cause a rift between couples that can result in divorce and break-ups, which leads to fewer
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