The Negative Emotions Of Immature Individuals

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Through out life individuals experience different emotions such as sadness, frustration, happiness, and self consciousness. These emotions occur on a daily basis and individuals have to find ways to cope with the negative emotions. Immature individuals may choose physical harm to themselves or others, or choose to use words that often offend other individuals. I chose to deal with negative emotions by running and using the endorphins released to my brain to allow more positive emotions to become present.
When I was in the fourth grade I despised playing basketball during my physical education class so much that I would instead run around the gym while my classmates played basketball. I often would receive a piece of candy for choosing to run instead of play basketball which was another incentive to continue running in addition to my passion for it.
When I began to attend L. F. Addington middle school, P.E. was more advanced than it had been in the fourth grade and required running on a daily basis. While I was thrilled that we would get the opportunity to run every day, my classmates were not as enthusiastic about running as I was. As the semester continued one of the coaches,Coach Stitson, began to see my enjoyment of running and my potential to become a faster runner. Stitson approached me, after running our required mile for the semester, about running cross country. At the time I was unaware of the sport and unsure of how competitive I would be in it. Stitison assured…
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