The Negative Image Of Africa

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Africa has had a negative image for many years and even today, this image persists but to a less extent. This bad image of Africa did not always exist. There was a time where all races were not constantly at each other’s throat. Europeans did not immediately see Africans as inferiors because of their cultures or their skin color. At that period, everyone was considered as humans. But there came a point where Europeans thought that they were a bit superior to other races. Europeans did not just think they were superior compared to Africans, but to all other races. Unfortunately, after a while Europeans wanted more power, therefore their views about other races changed drastically. Africans were to Europeans easy targets who could be manipulated to their wishes. Europeans began to see Africans more as domestics who could serve them. It was not until later on that Africans’ skin color was an issue seen as a symbol of inferiority. From there on, the image of Africa started to crumble and many stereotypes were being made against them. As of today, many of those stereotypes mainly disappeared while some are still making their way to future generations. For instance, many people still think that Africans are poor and they live in the jungle. For so many of us who never went to Africa or never took the time to acknowledge what the real Africa is, we are sadly misinformed about Africa and its people by the media, which seems to be more fascinated by the negative aspects of Africa.…
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