The Negative Impact Of Gender Roles In Society

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Gender roles can have a humongous impact on a person’s life because it can shape and mold the very way of how a person will live, look like, and act for the rest of their life. A gender role are certain actions, behaviors, or characteristics that are associated with a certain gender. Gender roles are based on socially constructed norms, practices, and beliefs. Due to the fact they are usually cultural or religious, that means that any gender roles can hold a power over an individual. There are multiple methods on how gender roles can be spread in society, for example, cultures, media, and in sports. If the individual does not conform to any gender role that is associated with their gender it will have numerous negative repercussions. For example, if a man does not have a deep voice or a woman that does not have long hair individuals that live around their society will not accept or shun them for who they want to be. In society, there are multitudes of gender roles that are associated with both sexes, and this must be addressed due to the fact that majority of those gender roles have a negative impact, which can change their lives and the people around them. In certain cultures, around the world, there are gender roles that can have colossal consequences on any individuals that are considered to be a part of that culture. In the traditional family, men are the sole providers in the family, which means that they must bring home food and money in order for the family to survive. Since this gender role pushes men to be the sole providers in the traditional family it puts an enormous burden on them, which causes them to have a shorter lifespan. According to an article from The Conversation it states that, “Life expectancy for women in the U.S. is 81.2 years compared to 76.4 for males.” The reason why women live longer than men is because of certain tasks that could be done in order to improve their health, which is not considered not to be masculine. Instead, what men do that could help them relieve stress and frustrations, that is considered masculine, are drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, using illegal drugs, and getting into physical fights. A couple of tasks that are not considered “masculine” that could
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