The Negative Impact Of Instagram's Impact On Social Media

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Everywhere we look these days whether it be walking down Queen Street or admiring Time Square, we see unrealistically skinny models and photoshopped celebrities on billboards, television and on our social media platforms specifically Instagram. There is no surprise that the influence it has on young impressionable girls is not a positive one. 9 out of 10 women and 7 out of 10 girls stop themselves from eating because they’re unhappy with the way they look. Why do we as girls and women feel this way? 77% of Australians surveyed believe that the biggest problem was the unrealistic standard set by media and advertising. In our world today, it is almost impossible to get away from all the technology that has been created to benefit us when really, it is destroying the way we live. Kids nowadays have cells phones that can connect to the world socially which exposes them to the horrible standard of beauty that will become second nature to them. Teaching kids these “rules” does nothing but feed them poison brewed by society. Instagram’s influence is stronger than any other social media platform due to the idea that you post photos and videos of your life for people to see. With over 600 million users, Instagram has the most negative effect compared to all other social media platforms. Most photos that are uploaded to Instagram are either filtered, posed ot retouched just to fit the mould society has created. The most famous culprits of this are celebrities, models and health
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