The Negative Impact Of Modern Culture And Children's Culture

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Modern culture has an influential impact on a childhoods life. The modern ideals of today's culture may cause many positive but also negative effects as well. In current society Technology has created a time period where a children's brain development has been reduced to the average rate. The issues that has been created overtime is their energy are the most common and most popular things that may hurt and also affect modern culture at this precise moment. The Individuals that should start to worry and do something about it to help their future is the children's parents. There are solutions that the guardians should start to act on , for example they should start to take away their kids electronics at a certain curfew for their kids could have to be social and live in the moment not be blinded from the outside world. Another example can be for there to be a new advertisement on different fun activities for kids to enjoy that are not evolved with technology . Today’s kids are the future adults that are going to be in running our future and if things start to change at this exact moment, then there may be a better future in the next few years. If children are well in modern time, then that will affect the society in a positive way.. If the parents focus on their kids childhood days now then later on in life when their children get to the point where they have kids of their own, then they will be able to teach their children the same way they were taught by their parents.
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