The Negative Impact Of Smart Phones

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Smart phones have been a big part of the world in the decade, especially iPhones. The first iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, with many more released since then (“History of Phone”). Along with changing how people communicate, the success and availability of the iPhone has impacted the world’s economy in many ways. You can argue that here, in America, iPhones, have positively impacted our society and our economy. People have greater access to income because they conduct work in many different settings, all day long. However, people have begun to replace human contact with virtual contact via their iPhones. This is a negative impact on our lives.
You can also argue that the iPhone has had a negative impact on societies in many other countries in which iPhone components are manufactured. There, Apple employees work long hours away from their families, for minimal wages, in unsafe environments (“Globalization and Ideology”). They may never even have the means to purchase their own iPhone. While Apple contributes to the economies of many poor countries by manufacturing iPhone parts there, the company also ‘steals” from those countries by robbing those employees of time interacting with family and friends.
According to “The History of the iPhone” (2014), the first iPhone was nicknamed “Jesus phone” because of its’ impressive capabilities. It had a maximum storage of sixteen gigabytes. Now an iPhone has storage available up to two hundred ninety-six gigabytes. We can
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