The Negative Impact Of Social Media

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The Negative Impact of Social Media

According to the Pew Research Center, “41% of social media-users have experienced at least one negative outcome as a result of using a social networking site.” In this article, Norton uses logos, pathos, and ethos to explain his standpoint to his audience. Logos are used when Norton brings up the legal issues of social media such as privacy concerns. Bringing the reader into Norton’s own personal experiences of abuse and name-calling uses pathos. Finally, ethos are used indirectly in the article due to the fact that Norton is a writer and has experience with social networking and the negative impact it can have. Norton uses logos, pathos, and ethos by establishing evidence and logical points in his article to persuade his audience against using social networking. This article, written by Alan Norton, addresses several reasons why people should not use social networking sites. In Norton’s first points, he mentions several legal issues and privacy concerns that come along with social media. Norton also describes the emotional effect that these sites can have; with their usage comes along abuse and peer pressure. Furthermore, Norton’s last point is the plain fact that social networking is just not for everyone. Giving real-world examples and addressing the negative aspects of its usage support the author’s argument by not using social media. Norton’s article is aimed at the percentage of society that is currently active on social…
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