The Negative Impact Of Technology In Education

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During a time of great technological advancement, keeping a job has become difficult throughout the United States. Robots, computers, and other machines are now able to perform human tasks, taking over many jobs. As economic concerns rose throughout America, former President Barack Obama spoke about issue in his farewell address, stating that economic dislocations will result from the high rate of automation taking over middle-class positions (Gillespie). This suggests that advancement in automation is causing job loss, which will hurt the economy of America. Because the growth of technology is inevitable, it will undoubtedly affect future generations. Battling the negative effects and spreading the benefits of automation starts with addressing the skills and qualities needed in the workforce. To help future generations battle automation effectively, there needs to be changes within the educational system, teaching future students skills and emphasizing qualities that cannot be outdone or emulated by a machine.
Technology changed the way we learn, but it did not change what we learn. As technology advanced, the economy changed, with some jobs and skills becoming obsolete. Ending automation starts with changing what it is we are learning. Education provides a background for the future of many students; however, the information students are learning is not putting them in the right position to battle automation. In his article, “Companies Need to Pay to Train Potential
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