The Negative Impact Of Technology In High School Students

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Society is constantly changing, and many of these changes are good, but some are less than desirable. The use of technology and social media has drastically improved communication abilities, but it has also had negative impacts, especially on high school students. Teenagers are very focused on their online personalities, and this is leading to them having less interest in other activities. Working hard no longer seems necessary because so many things are available without working at all because of the development of technology. Students are also less inclined to work hard at their academics, and college attendance rates are falling. Putting in the effort to improve career options in the future is less appealing than the instant gratification of going straight into the workforce. This is a problem because having a college degree directly correlates to a higher salary. The decline of work ethic in high school students has led to fewer students participating in activities and going to college.
Participation rates in high school sports are declining. A study done by the National Alliance for Youth Sports showed that 70% of students quit playing sports by the age of 13 (Miner). This is because they do not want to have to dedicate more time and effort to their activities. Sports may seem less enjoyable as high schoolers because there is more pressure to work hard and improve, rather than just have fun. Young athletes are often given playing time because it’s fair, but as students
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