The Negative Impact Of The Internet's Electrons

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The Internet’s Electrons Ever since the internet was first created in 1983, our ways of living have completely changed. It has changed our lives and is changing our futures little by little. By using the internet as much as we do it is slowly changing the lives of our future generations. The way we act towards others and how we spend our time are some impacts of the internet on people. The truth is, the internet has had a negative impact on people. It has broken many of our humane skills and has made many others lonelier and lazier. The internet has impacted our ways of living in a negative way. It has made us a lazy generation. We no longer stand up and do things ourselves. We rely on the internet to take us places and bring us what we need. “his favorite pastime was to dream up new places to go, and visit them on his computer.” (Source1) instead of going himself into the real world to discover them with his own eyes. Which is how the internet has impacted many people now, it has made us lazy and has decreased the amount of imagination we have. We just click on buttons to see the places in pictures instead of looking at them face to face to fill up our imaginations with the feelings we get from those places. The internet has made us a lazier generation, but it is not the only bad impact it has had on humans. It has has not only made us lazier but it also has made us lonelier. So many people are on their phones all the time and do not communicate with their friends face

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