The Negative Impact of Hip Hop Music on Teenagers

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In North America, it is basically impossible for a teenager to live without listening to some sort of music. Music is everywhere they go. Whether they are at home, a store, school, or even the streets, they will eventually end up hearing music. I find that music itself is an obstacle that needs to be conquered for an individual to express their true potential. In present day North America, the youth listen to a variety of music but rap and hip hop outlast all the genres in popularity which should be found a great con to society. This is because rap and hip hop has a negative impact on teenage lives as it promotes immoral behavior. Currently, many schools are permitting students to listen to music inside of class by giving the excuse that students can focus more on doing independent work. This is completely false. It has been proven by scientists that humans cannot multi-task when it comes to paying attention (Cangelosi). For example, if a student is completing an assignment and listening to music at the same time, their brain will not be able to give their full attention to both. This makes students work less efficiently. Not only are the work ethics of students affected, their lives are in danger as well. A statistic shows that in 2010, 33% of teen deaths in the U.S were from car crashes (Cichowski). A study done by Erie Indemnity, a Pennsylvanian insurance carrier, states that 93% of teen drivers play loud music behind the wheel (Cichowski). It is noticed that a great
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