Essay on The Negative Impact of Homosexual Behavior on Society

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Homosexuality is not a 20th century situation but has been in history from the age of ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, and even China. The attitude toward homosexuality always has been a variable, depending on the social, cultural and morality, or even the political development (Barnecka et al., 2005). Back in Greek history the concept of relations between two men was seen as the highest form of love, whereas the Judaic view always was against and frowned upon these relations considering it immoral and illegal. However, when the Roman rule was destroyed and the Christians took over Europe, homosexuality was seen as perverse (Woodward, 1997). This ideology continued until the first gay activist called Karl Ulrich started the…show more content…
Then later in 1991 the World Health Organization removed the term homosexuality from its list of disorders. Therefore, those clinicians, social workers and therapists who continue to consider homosexuality as a disorder only do it based on their political, personal, and religious convictions (Woodward, 1997).
Thesis statement
Homosexual behavior and lifestyle have negative effects on human health and society. In this paper I will examine homosexuality, and investigate the arguments so to whether homosexuality has a negative impact on human health and society
Theoretical Background
The realization of the homosexuality in the modern western world as a cultural, sexual and a social category has been a result of complex power relations that surround sexuality and gender. The acceptance of homosexuality in the society has met its fair share of resistance and skepticism. The view that homosexuality can be in the same league as heterosexual has led it to be viewed as a normal behavioral and moral standard (Gallagher & Baker, 2006). Inasmuch as the skeptics may not want to accept the existence of homosexuality studies show that the habit is rampant today with many gay people coming out in the open. Of interest is the political acceptance of homosexuality with passing gay rights so that it can be recognized by law. This move has given homosexuals the ability to engage in legal entities like marriage (Gallagher & Baker, 2006). Many studies have been carried
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