The Negative Impact of Social Networking Sites on People

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Social Networking Sites People have been impacted by social networking sites. Social networking sites have a negative influence on our generation because of bullying, predation, and an effect on our education. With kids interacting freely they can come across predation. Furthermore, “some predators have an objective of enticing young people into sending inappropriate webcam photos of themselves or to engage in sexually explicit conversations” (Sexton and English 2). Kids are the easiest to manipulate and to take control of. Also, “critics of social networking sites claim that it contributes to predatory or stalking behavior and can used to invade privacy” (Belanger and Finley 1). Parents should be going through their children’s profile to make sure who they are talking to. Clearly, with kids sending private information about themselves they can be blackmailed by the receiver into mental and physical abuse. Our generation is mostly being affected by cyberbullying. Additionally, “anonymity online can cause people to engage in cyberbullying or other anti-social behavior because of limited fear of being caught or identified” (Sexton and English 2). With the idea of not getting caught, people think it’s funny to cyberbully. In addition to, “social networking websites are virtual communities that encourage and foster interaction among members of a group by allowing them to post personal information, communicate with other users and connect their profiles to other profiles”
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