The Negative Impact of Telecommunication on Society

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"Watson, come here; I want you." This was the first sentence which was transferred by Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant (Reiman). When Graham succeeded in transferring a human voice throw a machine, he realized that he invented a new instrument which will make communication between people easier and faster. Day by Day, scientists started to improve and develop what Bell started and tried to make matters of communication easy to use and available to all people. Recently, mobile phones, short message (SMS) and multimedia message (MMS) services, and the Internet have become available to most people in developed countries almost all time. Such new communication means have unconsciously affected behavior of most people, especially the …show more content…
Furthermore, if you do not like to reply a message, it is very common to simply say that you did not receive that message at all. Indeed such fake reasons could not be told if the interaction is face to face. Furthermore, people can lie easily using the phone rather than talking face to face. Psychologists found that people tend lie when they are talking on phone as there is neither eye contact nor body language which are hard to skillfully pretend in face to face interaction (Bernstein et al. 174).
Mobile and online communication means is one of the factors which make People behave in a more materialistic way than before. To illustrate, people have replaced many social activities by technological means of contact. For instance, a person used to look for his best friend on his birthday, make sure that he will meet him to say "Happy birthday" face to face and see his friend's happy eyes for remembering his birthday. Nowadays, all that people do, if they remember their best friend's birthday, writing few words in a text message or an e-card, using the Internet only to say that "I remember your birthday'. According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 9,600,000 American Internet users prefer to send e-cards to their friends and family in their various occasions. This huge number shows how our life has turned to written words even in our social life (Pastore). As another example, when you hear that you grandmother is
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