The Negative Impacts Of Industrialization

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Have you ever wondered how American society has come to be how it is today? Would you like to know how one time period formed the United States in which we know today? Industrialization, the development of industries throughout a particular area, is the one time period in which American society has been impacted the most. Many may even say that industrialization has made what the United States is what it is today. Despite this, there are many negative impacts industrialization has brought upon American society. The three major impacts that industrialization has made pertain to its impact on social classes, where there came to be a much larger gap between the upper and working classes, an increase in urbanization, which lead to many problems of its own, which spanned to overpopulation as well as immigration, and lastly, the impact it had on women, which overall determined what kind of position they had within American society. One major impact that industrialization caused pertains to the difference in social classes. Prior to industrialization, there was a much smaller gap between the upper and working classes. This all changed due to industrialization though. Big businesses such as the Carnegie Steel Industry were successful because of the different machines that were invented during this time, which improved efficiency. Efficiency was most important during this age due to the increase in railroads in which a much larger supply of goods were needed to fit the higher
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