The Negative Impacts Of Smoking

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The most common problems that are destroying the health of young generations and killing thousands and thousands adults every day is smoking cigarette. The issue of smoking has become one of the most significant and controversial debates in Australia, due its health problem and the effect of the environment atmosphere. Researches and medics worldwide were studying the main causes that makes people smoke and why? (Backes, 2016). According to Dr Jewell‘s article, reveals that there are lots of factors that influencing young children to smoke. Factors such as social influence or peer pressure, curiosity, advertising, media as well as family (Jewell, 2015). This literature review will describe, summarise, evaluate and clarify the negative…show more content…
However, parents and family are more responsible for the children as they’re growing. This will help the young kids to grow with respect and good appearance that will bring respectable value in the family.
The importance of parents in life is the essential thing that every child need. Father and mother serve as the role models not only through direct relations with their kids but through the example they present their attitude and behaviour inside the family and in the external world. Family play a big part in influential the behaviour and beliefs of an individual – through parent expectations and social media. When it comes to life influence, parents holds a major role in shaping the attitudes of the young people, which means that the negative and positive impact of teenagers who might develop a view independent of their close relative or parents. Parents play the main role in child is growth. They play a significant role in a lifestyle, mental health, and physical, social, financial as well as career development. This shows that they control and prepare the pathway or the footprint for them to follow. This insinuate that adolescences are more likely to smoke if they close relative or parents were smokers, even if they quit smoking long time ago. Teenagers with an older brother or sister who smoke s are also more likely to start smoking cigarettes.

Social media have become very powerful and important parts
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