The Negative Impacts Of Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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In today’s era, everyone is utilizing technology tools in everyday tasks. People in general

depend on technology tools and sites to accomplish their specific tasks in their lives. Nowadays,

we have different types of technologies which impact our daily life in different ways. Unlike the

past, individuals were limited to writing letters and waiting for responds to be delivered from one

of the post offices or services. There has been a shift in the way we share or exchange

information, news, and ideas with each other. Several years ago, human used to connect face-to-

face. Whereas, people now frequently prefer computer mediated communications. Now, societies

are becoming more social and interactive with others compared to the past years, but the way or

the style of that communication has changed significantly. Despite the fact that technology has

several positive impacts, there are three key issues regarding the role of social media that plays a

major part in our communication patterns between individuals.

The first negative consequence of social media is the lack of privacy and security. When

people communicate through social media, messages tend to be more wide open. Therefore,

there are many negative consequences that are associated with the use of open networking sites.

As a consequent of using them in all areas, it increases the risk of hackers when they get into

personal accounts. This might cause a big problem, especially when it comes

to spread important information. Moreover, they might increase the risk of identity theft,

cyberbullying within social media, and a high rate of crimes because of spreading or sending messages or images in order to scare people and danger them. Open access to online

messages and share files or documents can lead to huge privacy and security issues

in our daily life. To conclude, privacy and personal security issues are the results of

using open networking sites all the time.

Making superficial relationships is the second key issue of modern technology on society.

Even though social media is strongly connected to our social relationships, it is effecting our

relationships negatively. We can see in
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