The Negative Impacts Of The Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution had a negative impact on the world because of child labor, poor sanitary conditions, and the bad living conditions of the workers.

As stated before a reason why the industrial revolution had a negative impact was because of child labor. Child labor was one of the most horrifying things to look back on during the industrial revolution. During this time the children were only looked upon as workers when they were born and were sent to work as young as the age of three (Unit: Industrial Revolution). Because of this they had no chance to do what they wanted and they spent most of their childhood just working. The children during that time were also treated very poorly. When in work if they did something wrong or angered their masters even in the slightest they would get beaten until they were black and blue. A quote to go along with this is “ The master started beating me with a stick over the head till it was filled with lumps” (Child labor in factories). This caused many of the children to be scared, and would live their lives in fear of making a mistake. During this time children were also locked up in the factories so that they couldn't leave if they wanted to (Child labor in factories). These workers had to work a grueling 15 hours a day for six days a week with only a 30 minute break for lunch or dinner. Because of this they didn't have time to do as they pleased because on sunday, the day they had off they would have to go to church and pray. This left them no time to play around, make friends, or spend time with their families. The labor also affected their limbs as well. The labor at the factories would cause their knees and ankles to become weak causing them to not being able to walk very well, if at all (Child labor in factories). The limbs also became very weak in a short span of time with it usually taking six months to take effect. BEcause of this it hurt the children to move, and it didn't help that the factorie was usually a mile away. In order to cope with this the children would seek assistance from siblings or friends (Child labor in factories). Finally it was also bad because it prevented the children from being educated (Unit: Industrial revolution). Because of
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