The Negative Impacts On University Women

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In today’s society, young people have begun to engage in short – term relationships based on sexual activity, rather than traditional dating (Littleton, Tabernik, Canales, Backstrom, 2009). These short term relationships are more commonly known as hook – ups and are defined as spontaneous sexual activities (Littleton et al., 2015) with a casual partner (Hales and Lauzon, 2015, pg. 158). The purpose of this paper is to discuss the negative impacts that this hook – up culture has on university women by analyzing the findings of Littleton et al. (2009) in relation to Bielski’s (2013) online newspaper article regarding people dating above their looks.
Summary of Peer Reviewed Journal
Littleton et al. (2009) completed a study in order to determine whether or not hook – ups have negative impacts on university aged women. The researchers analyzed characteristics and outcomes of typical sexual assaults and typical hook – ups for university women. It was hypothesized that there would be a strong correlation between hook – ups and sexual assault. The researchers analyzed the thoughts of one hundred and nine female undergraduate students from the psychology department of a reputable American university. Among these women, the majority was in third or fourth year of their studies and the average age was 22.6 years. The women were also recruited to ensure multiple ethnicities were studied; including African, Asian, European and Native Americans.
The data was collected…
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