The Negative Implications Of Transition In College

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TITLE: The negative implications of transition.
NAME: Shahzad Sorathia ID: 4118681

Thesis: The unfamiliar transition into college life makes freshmen second guess their academic abilities, increase their stress and anxiety, and lead them towards depression. Freshmen face innumerable variables that play role in the human psych. Conflicting and battling with stress, anxiety, self-worth and the ultimatum of depression due to the ever changing and unpredictable new world. This paper was written to convey a small portion of these factors and the signs that contribute to them. Everyone has experienced at some point of their life a whirl of pressure, conflict and challenge. As well as anything else that
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Subsequently adding to the amount of side effects. Low self-esteem for example, is a generalized result from the mass number of sources it can be derived from. Competition in college can be extremely high; academically, athletically, and socially. These are easily probable causes to low self-esteem, all of which branch off yet again to create even more possible factors. In terms of speaking socially, it’s lenient to say that there are more issues concerning this category that even have larger results of stress. Whether that's living alone, trying to make new friends, being in unfamiliar crowds or even having trust issues. Which too come with having low self-esteem. In a long term study (Sargent, Crocker & Luhtanen, 2006) of freshmen students (629), the examination of one’s self-worth based on external events and others views was recorded. The data from the students were conducted at two prime points: during the freshmen orientation prior the beginning of classes and during the first two weeks of the second semester. The study showed that freshmen who developed their self-esteem off of external events that were not under their control showed lower levels of self-esteem and greater levels of depressive symptoms, and for freshmen who developed their self-esteem off of internal events that were under their control showed high levels of self-esteem, and lower levels of depressive…show more content…
Chronic levels of high anxiety are associated with the development of depressive symptoms in college students. Anxiety can be derived from any stressor as a matter of fact. For example, financial issues may also be a major stressor for college students. In an examination of undergraduate students (351) in the United Kingdom, the relationship between stress, anxiety, depression and the achievement of students was studied. Over 20% of the participants reported a major crisis in finances that required them to go without food or other essentials due to a lack of money. The results indicated that financial challenges had an immense effect on the students developing both symptoms of depression and anxiety. The results also showed that students experiencing both symptoms earned lower exam scores than students not reporting these issues (Andrews & Wilding,
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