The Negative Influence Of Social Media

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DING! The sound of a smartphone going off can signal a variety of things: a text from a loved one, a weather alert, an e-mail from a coworker, or perhaps an update from a social media site. Any of these alerts or notifications may be important, but it is the update from social media that possibly has the largest effect. When it comes to America, a great majority of the population is active on social media; 65 percent of American adults use a social networking site (Perrin, 2015). When it comes to teenagers, 73 percent of American teens are involved in the use of social media (Lenhart, Purcell, Smith, & Zickhur, 2010). On a world-wide level, it has been estimated that there is a total of 2 billion people, more than one fourth of the world’s…show more content…
In a more personal sense, a person willing to share their experiences and ideas through social media may find himself or herself restricted because of the judgements that may be passed. In order to avoid these judgements, a user may change what they post to cater to the liking of their followers or friends. With self-expression limited, the ability to display identity is also narrowed. Our ability to express ideas through communication also applies to how we build and maintain relationships, another facet of communication and identity that is threatened by the use of social media. A person’s identity through communication in the form of building relationships may also suffer because of their use of social media. Many users become so focused on communicating and connecting through the internet that they lose part of their real social life. Nicholas Kardaras (2016), a licensed psychotherapist, writes in his Scientific American Mind article that “when you laugh or cry with someone, when you go to a social event or have dinner together, when you experience life together, there is a deepening of the social bond that cannot be replicated by social media.” People that become engrossed in social media can lose hold of the true values of these face-to-face experiences and communication, something that holds high relevancy to our ability to
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