The Negative Leadership Experience

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The Negative Leadership Experience
Workplace characteristics distinguish one leader from another. Some leaders possess positive and motivating behaviors whereas other leaders possess behaviors that are more negative. Negative behaviors can affect creativity deficiencies and alter employee morale. A positive behavior, however, will encourage bringing out the best in others. By doing so, the leader endorses a positive culture that permeates confidence and motivation. The behavior, positive or negative, is the catalyst that drives employee morale and professional growth.
The Micromanagement Experience
In the beginning, the leader provided extensive oversight to the newly transferred subordinate. Although the subordinate appreciated the leader’s initial guidance, the immersing oversight became daunting. The subordinate recognizes that the leader is a micromanager. Further observation concluded that the leader’s control tactics are the result of the leader’s fear of making mistakes and unwillingness to accept change as evident in the leader’s dictation of each step in the assignment. The leader rarely utilized the subordinate’s ideas, opinions, or solutions. Eventually, the subordinate approaches new assignments with an altered mindset of how should it be done rather than a collaborative approach that offers diverse ideas and opinions. Consequently, the subordinate began to lose energy, motivation, and disempowerment in making decisions or using creativity for
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